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"Say Goodbye to Innocence"

Endless Love is the tale of true love which all of our hearts long for, and so often are denied. It is the story of two such star-crossed lovers, who become acquainted after their high school graduation and very quickly fall in love. As often is the case, the new couple is faced with unfair opposition and are forced to struggle to keep their relationship intact despite what life throws at them. Whilst their love grows, so do they as they are forced to confront adult issues resulting from their decision to be together.

The classic story of romance depicted in Endless Love showcases the beauty and glamour of youthful love. It illustrates how quickly love can arrive in our lives, the lengths many of us will go to to maintain that elusive bond, and how incredibly quickly it can be lost.

| 2014 | 1 hr 45 min | 6.3/10
Endless Love

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