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"Better off wed"

Jess, Alice, Frankie, and Blair are friends from college and plan a weekend in Miami to celebrate that Jess is getting married and renewing their bond from their college years. Once in Miami, Pippa, a friend of Jess' arrives from Australia to help celebrate. Frankie hires a stripper and when a freak accident happens the stripper is accidentally killed. In panic mode, they decide to get rid of the body in the ocean. After realizing the neighbors have a security camera Blair takes actions to get the film from them. When the body washes back to the store the girls figure out their next plan.

An officer arrives and gropes Frankie she knocks him unconscious. They realize this is the actual stripper and worry who was the man killed.

Officers arrive to let them know they are not actually in trouble because the stripper was a criminal. Pippa realizes the officers are not real, they are accomplices to the jewelry heist looking for the diamonds the first stripper had. The criminals tie up the girls and the actual stripper. They must now work together to get free from the criminals.

| 2017 | 1 hr 41 min | 5.2/10
Lucia Aniello
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