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A Place to Call Home is an Australian drama set in the rural reaches of New South Wales in the years immediately after World War II. It centers on the character of Sarah Adams, a woman who was raised Catholic but who left her family in Australia to marry a Jewish man and convert to Judaism. When she returns to Australia 20 years later, she goes to work in a rural hospital and clashes with members of the prominent local Bligh family. The series debuted in 2013 and has been nominated for numerous Australian Cinematographers Society Awards in the years since.

Acorn TV
4 Seasons, 46 Episodes
April 28, 2013
Cast: Marta Dusseldorp, Noni Hazlehurst, Brett Climo, Craig Hall
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A Place to Call Home Full Episode Guide

  • With Regina on the run, George and Jack press Rose for information on her whereabouts. As tensions come to a head, Regina and Sarah face a desperate confrontation.

  • The Bligh family lets Regina think she€™s won, while George carries out his own plans. James and Harry attend the party in Sydney with Henry€™s friends, but Harry feels left out. Gordon resumes his stakeout on Sarah.

  • Elizabeth calls Anna and Gino back from Italy to set her plan against Regina in motion, but Gino disapproves of her using Rose. George and Regina return to Inverness from Canberra, unaware of the trap Elizabeth has laid.

  • After a long and difficult labor, Sarah gives birth, but the baby€™s future remains uncertain. Carolyn tries to follow Sarah€™s wishes and prevent Elizabeth from telling George the news.

  • Jack and Carolyn€™s honeymoon is interrupted by the revelation that Sir Richard is targeting Douglas€™s refuge for needy veterans. As George prepares to leave for Canberra, Sarah asks the Bligh family to keep away from the birth to avoid scandal.

  • Sarah, Elizabeth, and Anna devise a plan to destroy Regina. James shares his feelings with Henry --but will Harry's return spell trouble? Regina initiates a dangerous new strategy to get rid of Sarah.

  • Elizabeth takes advantage the chance to battle Regina and Sir Richard at the Prime Minister's dinner. Harry helps Sarah heal some deep emotional scars, and George restores order at Ash Park.

  • When Sarah and Roy go to Sydney to deal with Sgt. Taylor's accusation, Sarah finds more than she bargained for. Henry's confession forces James to sort out his true feelings.

  • The death of a local schoolteacher leads Sarah to a shocking discovery. Elizabeth's new attitude toward life stuns the family. George takes charge of James and Olivia's separation as they struggle to move on with their new lives.

  • Tensions run high at Ash Park. Following an argument with Gino, Anna temporarily moves back home with her family. When James tries to talk to his brother-in-law, Gino reveals what he knows about the baby, setting off a chain of events with devastating consequences. Douglas gives Elizabeth an ultimatum.

  • George and Regina wed, despite the protestations of Elizabeth and Carolyn. Sarah makes arrangements for Rene to be buried according to Jewish customs, with the help of Roy and Doris. Douglas continues his pursuit of Elizabeth.

  • Rene goes under the knife, and Sarah worries that he might never wake up. Gino's dreams are crushed when his grape vines die. On the morning of baby George's christening, Regina tries to persuade James to return to Ash Park in the hopes of proving her loyalty to George.

  • On the anniversary of Lewis Bligh's death, George reflects on the troubled relationship he had with his father. After accidentally attacking Sarah, Rene decides to undergo a risky brain surgery, but Sarah refuses to sign the consent form.

  • Sarah has taken ill and fears for the life of her baby. George overhears the hospital gossip and wonders if the baby could be his. Olivia continues her tryst with Lloyd, while James learns more about Dr. Fox. In Sydney, Douglas visits Elizabeth and puts his heart on the line, declaring his feelings for her.

  • Ren remains cold to Sarah following the revelation that she's carrying George's baby. After one of Regina's threats goes too far, she retreats to the farmhouse but still proves dangerous. Anna confides in Olivia about her unhappiness, accidentally disclosing the contents of Andrew's letter.

  • Sarah goes to Sydney under the pretense of visiting her sick aunt, while Jack keeps an eye on Ren. Now living in the city, Mrs. Bligh joins a charity group. Back at Ash Park, an artist friend of Carolyn's arrives to paint Olivia's portrait, and Regina organizes a card party to help George's political aspirations.

  • George returns to Ash Park and plans to make an important announcement at his welcome-home dinner. Sarah struggles to break the news of her pregnancy to Ren. Anna tells Gino about James's secret, but Gino's reaction causes tension in their marriage.

  • George has been shot, and only Ren and Regina know what happened. Sarah attempts to console Ren, who has been taken into custody. Unaware of her father's injury, Anna tries to enjoy her honeymoon with Gino while dealing with the allegations in Andrew's letter.

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