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Bringing Up Bates, tagged "The Other Duggar Family," is a new reality television show chronicling an East Tennessee family of 19 children ranging in ages from 2-25. The Bates children are nine boys and ten girls. Parents Gil and Kelly Jo Bates open up their home and private moments. Follow the family as they celebrate marriages and births as they welcome the first grandbabies. Experience the love they have for one another as they face tragedies and heartache, dealing with accidents and miscarriage.

Gil and Kelly Jo, as well as the children, speak openly about their faith in God. Bringing Up Bates is in their second season.

Thursdays 9:00 PM et/pt on UP
6 Seasons, 125 Episodes
January 1, 2015
Family, Reality
Cast: Gil Bates, Kelly Jo Bates
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Bringing Up Bates Full Episode Guide

  • In this special FAN EDITION episode, we'll feature viewer tweets and social content. Join the conversation and see YOUR comments on air!

  • A look at Tori and Bobby's romance. Included: the beginning of their relationship; their courtship; and their romantic proposal.

  • A special episode.

  • In the Season 6 finale, the Bates go white-water rafting while on vacation. Later, Gil is in for a big surprise when Bobby pulls him aside and asks him for permission to propose to Tori.

  • The family go on vacation in West Virginia, but Tori's down in the dumps; Evan and Carlin has a big talk with Gil and Kelly Jo; Kelly Jo attempts to overcome her fear of heights.

  • Erin explores new terrain when she heads to Chicago to see Michaela; the kids compete to make the best homemade ice-cream flavor; Michaela confides in Erin about her challenges with getting pregnant.

  • Zach organizes a camping trip in hopes of having some bonding moments with his brothers; Zach gets an unexpected call; Kelly Jo, Erin and Whitney gather up the younger kiddos for a swimming lesson.

  • Now that Nathan is a certified flight instructor, he's moved back to Rocky Top, TN to teach flight lessons; Kacie Lynn is turning the big One; a power outage leads to an impromptu slumber party and game night.

  • Bobby's big graduation party; a few rounds of disc golf; Bobby and Tori discuss their future together; Josie gets the chance to spend some time with Kelton.

  • Now that Lawson's wrapped up recording his country album, he's taking the next step with his career and making a music video, co-starring actress Sadie Robertson. But can he turn his song about heartbreak into a high quality music video? Meanwhile, Kelly Jo thinks it's time the middle boys receive a manners lesson so they can become gentlemen. After giving them a few pointers, like making sure to always say please and thank you, the boys take their mom out for a special lunch and put their manners skills to the test!

  • With 19 kids you never know what's going to happen! And as we've seen, the Bates kids are chock-full of hilarious sayings and entertaining moments. Here's a look back at some of the funniest and wackiest things the Bates kids have said and done, updated with even more fun clips and mishaps!

  • A car-washing fund-raiser is held by the Bates in order to raise money for firefighters, and Zach instructs the kids on how to properly wash a car; Chad and Erin begin their search for a fixer-upper.

  • Erin and Chad have expanded their family with twin pygmy goats, but having extra kids means more household chores; Gil and the younger kids stop by to help paint the goats' new shed; Gil and the kids reconfigure a safer design for the zip line.

  • On this special “Newlywed” Episode of “Bringing Up Bates,” we’ll see how well the younger Bates couples know their partners! Can they guess their spouse’s favorite meal? How about their dream vacation destination? Let’s hope they’ve been paying attention to each other over the years, otherwise things could get awkward!

  • Kelly Jo cashes in on her ‘I Love you Day’ gift from Gil and wants him to clean up the shed. Can Gil complete the project in a timely fashion and without any complaints?

  • Erin, Tori, Carlin, Whitney, Josie and Katie join together for a self defense class and engage in a little friendly competition; Gil gathers the kiddos for a "Car 101'' lesson; double date night for the married couples.

  • Bobby and Tori are making plans for the future; Bobby is hoping to move from Florida to Tennessee to be closer to Tori; Bobby interviews for jobs and looks for a place to live; Kelly Jo takes the boys to a martial arts class.

  • Carlin and Katie hit the road to spend time with Evan and his family; Evan and the girls have fun at an indoor skating park; Carlin and Evan work on a special song for Evan's family; Jackson gets his learner's permit.

  • It's Wedding time - but who is walking down the aisle? Love is blooming for the Bates, with Carlin finding a 'special friend' in Evan and Tori and Bobby deepening their bond. And even the married couples have big news, especially Erin and Chad. Will their family be growing by two?

  • The Bates family get a VIP tour at Bobby's camp, Lawson hits the studio with Emily Ann Roberts, and Alyssa has a big announcement!

  • Gil, Kelly Jo and the kids travel to Florida to welcome Alyssa and John's second child, Lexi Mae! Counting down the days to her delivery, Alyssa checks in at the birthing center, but complications arise.

  • It's a Windy City adventure for the younger Bates boys when Michaella and Brandon jump at the chance to babysit Jackson, Warden, Isaiah, Jud and Jeb, while Gil and KJ are in Australia. But how will these two newlyweds handle sharing their one bedroom/one bathroom apartment with five Bates Boys?

  • It's finally time to install the goal for the family basketball court, but will the boys be able to follow instructions properly to complete the task? Meanwhile, Carlin and Josie get their wisdom teeth pulled.

  • The Bates family is hitting the slopes! Since the kids have never skied before, Gil and Kelly Jo plan a snow filled trip to a resort in Massanutten, Virginia! Traveling with children isn't easy...but how about trying to get ski gear organized for 19 kids plus spouses and grandkids? After ski lessons, the family decides to head down the mountain on their own!

  • Lawson's album release tour is in full swing and the next stop is Mount Airy, NC! Before his performance at the historic Earle Theater, Lawson and Nathan visit the iconic sights of the 'Real Mayberry.'

  • After a fire in the laundry room caused severe smoke damage inside the Bates house, they have temporarily relocated to two rooms in a hotel. As the fire damage gets cleaned up, the Bates try to get their mind off things and head to the Ark Encounter.

  • When a fire erupts in the laundry room, the family investigates who is responsible for the fire and deals with the consequences.

  • Kelly Jo takes the family to her hometown and shows them some of her history and introduces them to her childhood friends.

  • Lawson is releasing a CD of original songs, and gearing up for his first big tour! But how will he handle the pressure of performing at a big event? Meanwhile, Zach and Whitney finally get a much deserved date night!

  • It's Tori and Bobby's "1 year" anniversary. To celebrate, Tori and the Bates family are headed to Florida to visit Bobby! Tori wants to share some fun in the sun with her boyfriend, but he's planned a bigger surprise for her.

  • After months of planning, the time has finally come to honor Kelly Jo's 50th! To make sure the surprise stays in tact, Gil takes Kelly Jo on a romantic getaway to Chattanooga, TN.

  • Up presents Bringing Up Bates. Erin and Chad certainly have their hands full with a newborn baby, a toddler, and their new furry addition, Max. Realizing they're in need of some assistance, they enlist the help of the little kids for some puppy training.

  • Lots of plans are being made in the Bates household! Kelly Jo is about to turn the big 5-0, so Erin calls a meeting with the siblings to plan for a surprise party. But will the younger kids be able to keep quiet?

  • In this special FAN EDITION episode, we'll feature viewer tweets and social content. Join the conversation and see YOUR comments on air.

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Name That Bates - The Doctor Is In Clip (01:38) Name That Bates - The Gift Of Giving Clip (02:14)