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Do you have a deep appreciation for original hardwood flooring and well thought out kitchens? Do you read real estate listings despite the fact you are neither buying, nor selling a home? If so, House Hunters is probably the television content of your dreams. House Hunters follows people from all walks of life on their journey to home ownership. Viewers at home get a first row look in to several of the properties they visit. The soon-to-be homeowners debate everything from paint choices (always an easy change to make) to kitchen cabinets (very expensive to replace). As you tag along on their home tours you also get a peek into the emotional side of the experience. Viewers get to see what happens when buyers fall into the usual home purchase pit falls such as buying homes above their budget because they have fallen in love with the property. Sometimes the home buyers aren't on the same page in regard to what property to buy and for what price. As the drama begins, your anxiety level rises right along with theirs.

Along the way, you also learn a thing or two about real estate. For instance, is buying the worst house on the nicest block really a sound financial strategy. Where should you put your remodeling dollars to get the most resell value? Are houses with pools really hard to resell or is that just a myth?

Once the couple has chosen a property, you follow them through the negotiation process. Watching someone negotiate the purchase price of a home is as fraught with emotion as you would imagine. In the end, the viewers do get a glimpse into how the purchase worked out when the cameras return several months later. As they give the camera crew a tour you get to see what changes the homeowner's have made and their choices in paint and decor. House Hunters is a real estate hobbyist's must see.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
75 Seasons, 2007 Episodes
September 30, 1999
Home & Garden, Reality
Cast: Andromeda Dunker
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House Hunters Full Episode Guide

  • First-time homebuyers want different things on this Minneapolis house hunt. She has her heart set on an older home with lots of charm, while he's interested only in a house that's new or recently updated.

  • A young married couple with kids looks to buy a home with a farm in Rockford, Michigan.

  • A couple must decide what they can live with and without in the hot Nashville real estate market.

  • A young couple with a toddler is ready to trade city living for suburban life outside Philadelphia. She wants a Colonial like had growing up, but he'd be happy with a big townhouse.

  • A pastor and his wife with five children are expecting baby number six very soon. Both agree that space is the biggest priority, but he wants a turnkey home with a big backyard and she wants a Craftsman home with hardwood floors.

  • A single gal in Chicago looks to fulfill her passion for flipping homes. She brings along her real estate investor friend to help her choose the right place to flip.

  • Young parents with two small children need a larger home for their family in Destin. He thinks Florida living calls for a pool, but she's worried about teaching the kids to swim and keeping up with the maintenance.

  • Newlyweds have been living with her parents to save money, but now they are finally ready to take the leap into homeownership. Both of them want a classic New Orleans home, but they disagree on what style of house to buy.

  • A Baltimore couple is ready to upgrade from their one-bedroom apartment to a single-family home. He'll be acting as their real estate agent and hopes to find something that makes his very picky wife happy.

  • A couple wants to buy their first home in Phoenix, but they're struggling to find a house that doesn't have the Spanish or Southwestern features common in the city. She likes lush backyards, but he doesn't want to maintain a lawn.

  • An engaged couple is looking for the perfect house in Arlington, Texas, to start their lives together. Very new or updated is at the top of her list, while he wants a place with lots of character.

  • A young married couple are ready to put down roots in her native Wauwatosa, a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She wants a Colonial fixer-upper with space for her baby grand piano, but he's looking for a move-in ready contemporary modern home.

  • A beach-loving couple is on the hunt for their dream home with a dock and boat lift in Apollo Beach, Florida. He's looking for a Spanish-style house with a dedicated room where he can watch college football but she wants a contemporary house with a balcony over the bay. Will they find the perfect home that satisfies everyone's needs?

  • Expectant parents search for a home in Montclair, New Jersey. She'd like a stand-alone fixer-upper with charm, but he wants a no-maintenance condo that's move-in ready. Above all, they want to land in the heart of downtown.

  • A family of four relocates from San Antonio to Chicago with the hope of finding a Texas-sized home, but they experience some severe sticker shock as they start checking out properties in the Windy City.

  • A Florida couple with a baby on the way debates keeping their sleek, urban lifestyle or settling down in a quiet and charming vintage home. However, their budget in Tampa's booming real estate market may mean that style isn't the only compromise they have to make. Will they find the perfect home for their growing family?

  • A large family is on the hunt for a much larger home in the Atlanta area. They are looking for a place with enough room for all the kids, a basement suite for their aunt and a big pool.

  • A Connecticut transplant is ready to settle down and buy a fixer-upper in Austin, Texas. She's counting on her dad to do a lot of the work, but he wants her to buy a turnkey home so he can skip the work and enjoy his visits to her new city.

  • A pageant queen and her husband are on the hunt for a home in Florida. She wants a master closet with enough space for all her gowns and crowns, but his number one priority is a home on a golf course.

  • A Bay Area couple is moving down the coast to Temecula, California, looking to find their dream home.

  • A Chicago couple with different needs

  • Two flight attendants are on the hunt for a new house in central Philadelphia. While one prefers the charm of single family Cape Cod-style houses, the other is hoping for a very modern loft space.

  • After years away, a young couple is excited to be moving back to their home state of Missouri. He wants a move-in ready ranch-style house, while she wants a home that she can put her own touch on.

  • An Ohio couple is excited to buy a spacious house for their blended family of six, but they can't agree on what they want. She's looking for an updated French Provincial or contemporary home, while he's willing to take on a project to get a Colonial.

  • A couple looks for a vacation home in Destin, FL, but has different ideas on what kind of house to buy. He wants a single-family home with a large backyard and a swimming pool but she wants to be right on the water with the beach right at their doorstep. Can she convince him to choose an oceanfront home?

  • A newly engaged couple wants to buy a home in Chicago, but they can't decide between a rowhouse or a single-family home; he wants a finished basement for entertaining, but she's looking for two full bathrooms.

  • A buyer hopes to honor her Mayflower ancestors by purchasing a spacious Colonial in Washington; her wish list includes a large formal dining room that seats 12 and a smoking room.

  • Newly engaged bar owners hunt for an out-of-the-ordinary house in Seattle, like a commercial or loft space.

  • A growing family wants more space, but while he wants a large basement and grassy yard, she needs a home office with an allergy-friendly backyard.

  • Newlyweds are on the hunt for their first home together in Portland, Ore.; when it comes to space, she's an aspiring minimalist but he prefers to have some room to spread out.

  • A Chicago area couple searches for a large home to accommodate three active kids and her mother.

  • A young couple in Georgia loves all things vintage, including homes, but while she becomes eager to tackle a fixer-upper, he has doubts.

  • Buyers in Brooklyn, N.Y. look for a home with more space in Westport, Conn.; one wants a modern place that's move-in ready, and has an open floor plan and a Japanese bathtub, while the other is hoping for a Cape Cod or Colonial with vintage charm.

  • Boston natives are moving to Las Vegas to start an online tourism business, and they want to find a house as soon as possible; he wants a small condo in the heart of the Strip, but she wants a single family home in a quiet suburban neighborhood.

  • Buyers in Albany, N.Y. want a home with lots of character, but that's all they agree on; one wants a fixer-upper farmhouse with no close neighbors, while the other prefers a move-in ready Colonial.

  • A couple look for a vacation home in Destin, Fla., but they have different ideas on what kind of house to buy, as he wants a single-family home with a large backyard, but she wants to be right on the water with the beach at their doorstep.

  • Empty nesters in California get ready to trade the Sacramento suburbs for a home on the water in Discovery Bay; he wants an affordable place with a gourmet kitchen, but she focuses on gorgeous water views and no brass features.

  • A Rochester, N.Y., couple can't decide between a starter home and a forever home for their growing family; he wants a large forever home that the kids can grow up in, but she feels anxious about committing to anything more than a small starter home.

  • An Atlanta couple excited to buy their first home have different ideas; she wants to hold onto her cool girl status by getting an industrial loft, while he wants a single family house with plenty of space for their daughter and puppy.

  • Newly engaged bar owners hunt for an out-of-the-ordinary house in Seattle, like a commercial or loft space.

  • After spending some time away, a Tennessee couple is excited to move back home near family and friends, hoping to find a large two story home with a large private yard away from the neighbors.

  • A family of four decides to move back to the Boise, Idaho, area after some time away, but they don't agree on whether the conveniences of the city or the call of wild would be better.

  • A single mom with a penchant for renovation wants to change every house she sees in Phoenix, and her practical niece tags along to make sure her aunt doesn't go overboard.

  • Recently engaged house hunters struggle to find their perfect first home together, because while they know exactly what they want, they can't find anything in their budget that lives up to their dreams of perfection.

  • A newly engaged couple looks for their own personal paradise along Florida's Gulf Coast. Sanibel Island will be the perfect place for them to call home but they can't agree on where on the island they should live. She wants to live as close to the beach as possible, but he dreams of owning his own private boat dock on the island's canals. Will they find the perfect compromise?

  • A San Diego buyer wants to upgrade to a home with a lot of wow factor on the coast. But even with a million dollar budget he's going to have to compromise on something in this pricey beach town. Can his BFF keep him focused on the essentials?

  • A family of five looks for a bigger home in South Hadley, MA. She wants a single-level ranch home, but he has his eye on a two-story Colonial. The decision is made even more difficult -- and expensive -- when they agree on a move-in ready property on the Connecticut River. Will they have the budget to make it work?

  • Buyers in Florida are moving from Sarasota to Tampa, hoping to find a more lively social scene. One wants a modern, high-rise condo, while the other prefers a bungalow. But they agree that the most important thing is to be on the ground floor so that they have an easy escape route in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

  • A Chicago couple on the hunt for a home disagrees on both style and budget. She's looking for a newly built contemporary-style place, while he wants something older with some vintage charm.

  • A real estate agent and his wife buy a house in Miami Beach, Florida. She wants a Spanish-style house that's already updated and move-in ready, with a pool. But he thinks that with their budget, their best bet is a major fixer that they can make into a contemporary dream home.

  • A couple relocates from the Florida Keys to the New Orleans area and searches for their first home.

  • A young couple hunts for their first place in Chicago, but can't agree on what type of home to buy; she wants a condo in the city, while he would rather be in the suburbs in a single-family home.

  • A young woman hopes to find an easy-to-maintain row home with renovation potential in Washington.

  • A Chicago couple search for a home big enough for their growing family; she wants a Victorian with plenty of character, while he prefers a traditional Midwestern-style home with clean lines.

  • Young Philadelphia buyers find it challenging to compromise on a home that suits both of their needs; she wants a single story contemporary home that's move-in ready, but he wants a traditional Cape Cod and doesn't mind if it needs a little work.

  • Tampa buyers disagree on whether they should purchase a Craftsman or a Spanish-style home, as well as how much they should spend.

  • New Jersey newlyweds who are sick of apartment living decide to move, but she wants an open floor plan and plenty of closet space, while he wants clearly defined rooms and a basement workout space.

  • A young couple hunts for a starter home in the suburbs of Kansas City; he wants a Cape Cod fixer-upper, while she would prefer a new Craftsman-style home.

  • A couple looks for a home with some mid-century glam in Chico, Calif.; one wants a fixer-upper he can put his stamp on, but the other focuses on finding a home that comes with a pool.

  • San Diego newlyweds and first time home buyers want to move as close to the beach as possible; she wants small and dark bedrooms that accommodate her night shift schedule and he's hoping to have a garage where he can work on vintage cars.

  • A couple looks to settle in Tampa, Fla., after owning several homes in different cities; he wants a big Mediterranean-style house, but she looks to downsize into a charming bungalow.

  • A newly engaged couple searches for their first home in Pittsburgh; while he hopes for a ranch with an open floor plan, she becomes more interested in a two-story Colonial.

  • A young family searches for a large home in Upstate New York, but while they agree on a general location, they clash over style and home readiness.

  • Married real estate agents look for the perfect home in Oklahoma City; he hopes to find a one-story Craftsman, but she prefers the French Country style and wants two stories.

  • A couple relocating from the East Coast to the West Coast wants to put down roots in competitive and pricey San Diego.

  • A young buyer seeks her first condo in a residential neighborhood just north of Chicago, but her mother comes along for the ride and thinks she should be in a downtown high-rise complete with all the amenities.

  • Atlanta sisters search for a larger place of their own, but struggle with completely different style tastes; one wants a condo downtown with Craftsman style and homey details, while the other favors a single-family home with a glam interior.

  • A Pittsburgh man looks for a house reminiscent of his childhood home, but his New Jersey-born wife doesn't think their new home has to be an exact replica and wants something more contemporary.

  • A reporter and a producer look for a new home in Columbus, Ohio; he prefers a big backyard and a fireplace, while she wants a new home with a gourmet kitchen to use as a background for her social media videos.

  • Buyers in Los Angeles weigh their options between the pricey west side and the San Fernando Valley; a home in the Valley means giving up big city life, and making the right updates to a smaller west side home is an appealing choice.

  • A woman searches for a home in Florida that has plenty of roaming space for her three cats.

  • A couple leave Manhattan to buy their first home in Beacon, N.Y.; she wants a sprawling white farmhouse, but he loves Beacon's vintage charm and prefers a historic Queen Anne Victorian.

  • A couple's dream of buying a $1 million vacation home in Newport Beach, Calif., gets put to the test when they disagree over its style, as he pushes for a cozy cottage with a lived-in feel and she insists on a stark white contemporary home.

  • With plans underway to adopt their foster son, a Sacramento, Calif. couple needs to buy a bigger home.

  • An engaged couple hunts for their first home in New Jersey; he wants a sleek and modern home, but she has her eyes set on a fixer-upper with lots of charm.

  • A couple looking for a vacation home in Destin, Fla., can't agree on whether they should buy a cozy cottage close to the beach or a grand Mediterranean farther from the water.

  • An engaged couple wants a starter home in San Jose, Calif.; he likes the practicality of ranches, but she prefers the charm and character of Victorians.

  • A couple goes on the hunt for their trade-up home in Peoria, Ill.; he wants a country setting with plenty of land, but she insists on a traditional neighborhood.

  • With plans to adopt their foster son, a Sacramento, CA, couple needs to buy a bigger home. But finding an updated house with enough space and a price well below their $600,000 budget will be a challenge.

  • A couple searches for a spacious home for their family of five in a pricey village; she wants to go all in for a move-in ready house, but he thinks they can save money with a fixer-upper.

  • Staten Islanders priced out of New York look for their first home in northern New Jersey; she wants a fixer-upper with a grassless concrete backyard, while he has his eye on a move-in-ready home with a finished basement.

  • A couple goes on the hunt for a smaller home in Appleton, Wis.; she wants a house with historic charm and classic details, but he thinks an updated Colonial will be easier to maintain.

  • A Boston couple looks for a home with plenty of land for their six alpacas; she wants a turnkey farmhouse or Nantucket-style home, while he'd like an older Victorian or Craftsman with lots of character that he can restore.

  • A professional off-road motorcycle racer and his makeup artist wife are buying their first home in his hometown of Ridgecrest, California. She wants a turn-key, one-story house so their basset hounds don't have to climb any stairs, but he's more interested in a two-story fixer-upper that he can customize.

  • A couple looking for their first home hopes to find a steal in the affordable city of Idaho Falls, Idaho. She wants to use the entire $140,000 budget on a move-in ready, but he wants to prove to her that his renovation skills are good enough for them to buy a fixer-upper for under $100,000.

  • A Greenville, S.C., family of six looks to move up from their small town house into something bigger; while she wants to put their own stamp on a fixer-upper, he'd much rather keep it simple with a move-in-ready home.

  • A chef and his wife look for a bigger place in Chicago, but can't agree on what to buy; he wants a modern-style loft in the city, while she wants a vintage home in the suburbs.

  • Buyers in Grand Rapids, Michigan, are looking for a home after moving with their kids from Chicago. Complicating matters, he wants a small lot with plenty of close neighbors so the kids will have friends to play with, while she'd prefer a large private lot with a woodsy feel.

  • A family needs a big home outside Washington, D.C., but he wants something with an industrial vibe and a home theater, while she wants a Colonial with a home office.

  • A Connecticut family moves to Jacksonville, Fla., to escape the cold and enjoy the great outdoors in a large family home.

  • A young couple searches for a starter home in Houston, Texas, but don't see eye-to-eye on their wishlists. He wants to live in a contemporary high-rise in the downtown area, but she wants a single-family home with room for them to grow when they start a family.

  • A couple need a big family home outside Washington D.C. But he's looking for something with a contemporary-industrial vibe and a home theater, while she wants a Colonial with a home office.

  • A man brings his family of five to his hometown so he can open a guitar shop with his father, and hopes to find a stately Colonial home with a sunroom, but his wife wants a house with a pool.

  • A couple who grew up on the Navajo reservation prepares to buy their first home in Phoenix; she wants a single-story, Spanish-style, while he favors a traditional or Colonial two-story.

  • A couple disagree on style during their house hunt, as she wants a modern and contemporary move-in-ready home, and he wants a traditional-style fixer-upper.

  • High school music teachers search Loveland, Colo., for a home with room for their future children, a music studio and a large, unfinished basement.

  • Newlyweds hunt for their first home while trying to start their own brewery business, so they prefer to find something move-in ready.

  • An engaged couple house hunts on the beautiful island of Oahu, HI. She wants a fixer-upper with lots of character and is willing to put her future husband to work get it. He, however, is hoping to find a home that's move-in ready. Will Hawaii give them the perfect home where they can start their marriage?

  • A couple with three children looks for a family home; she wants a classic Victorian, while he feels a split-level will suit the family perfectly.

  • A newly engaged Atlanta couple prepares to settle down; he hopes to find a turnkey with a big yard and a pool, while she'd be happy with a craftsman fixer-upper.

  • A Maine couple relocates to the mountain resort town of Park City, UT, looking for outdoor adventures. He's looking for a rustic lodge-type home with lots of wood and great mountain views. She, however, is hoping to find a Craftsman house in a flat and safe neighborhood where the kids can play. Can they come together to find the perfect mountain home for their family?

  • Houston natives and new parents want to put their stamp on a historic home in the Texas city. She's ready to tackle a big project, but he wants to dial down the renovation and focus on their growing family.

  • Nick and Anthony are on the hunt for a single-family home in the West Chester, Pennsylvania, area. However, Nick has a fear of fireplaces and Anthony is afraid of homes' connections to the spirit world, phobias that could make finding their first home more difficult.

  • A couple is ready to upgrade from their small high-rise condo in downtown Chicago to a home with outdoor space and a dedicated workout room. While she wants modern architecture in an urban setting, he prefers a classic greystone on a quiet street.

  • A young engaged couple is searching for a house in Plainfield, Illinois. She wants a one-story ranch so their family can all be close together, whereas he'd prefer a more spacious two-story Colonial. She's also got her heart set on a walk-in pantry and definitely doesn't want an open concept.

  • An engaged couple is hoping to find a starter home in San Jose, California. He likes the practicality of ranches, but she prefers the charm and character of Victorians. Even with their hefty one million dollar budget, though, finding a home before the big day won't be easy.

  • Empty nesters hunt for a red brick Colonial home near the city of Ft. Myers, FL.

  • A married couple with two kids relocates from busy New York City to slower-paced living in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. With a million dollar budget, they'll see spectacular homes that far exceed the size of their NYC apartment.

  • After getting transferred, a military family has just a few days to find a new home; she looks for a Craftsman-style house with charm and unique character, while he leans toward a contemporary design with clean lines.

  • Two fitness buffs from Tennessee relocate to Rochester, N.Y. and are hoping to find a home with an open kitchen, a big yard for their dog and enough space to pursue their taxidermy new hobby.

  • David and his partner, Curtis, have decided the time is right to get a place together in Portland, Oregon. David has his heart set on an older home with character and a yard with space for a garden and chickens. However, Curtis wants to be in a modern loft downtown in the middle of all the action.

  • A young entreprenuer is searching for the perfect bachelor pad in Denver with the help of two potential roommates. He's looking for something downtown that's super modern and updated.

  • A Connecticut family is moving to Jacksonville, Florida, to escape the cold. They hope to land a large family home that allows them to enjoy the great outdoors but soon discover no house is perfect, even in paradise.

  • Ready to return home, a young couple moves in with her parents while hunting for a home in the bedroom communities of Detroit. He's hoping for a big backyard, but she's looking for less land and more home. With her parents ready for them to move out, the pressure's on to find a home.

  • An LA couple who has been renting for years is finally ready to make the leap to homeownership. She wants as much house as they can afford, and she's angling for a Mediterranean-style place that reminds her of her native Turkey. But he'd prefer something small and modern. Can they find a home that satisfies both their aesthetics and makes them happy homeowners at last?

  • A young couple has been saving for their first home outside Oklahoma City. With their modest budget, they're willing to go for a fixer-upper, but some things are non-negotiable, like a big backyard and room to grow.

  • A young buyer is looking for a place he can call his own in one of Chicago's westside neighborhoods. His company specializes in architecture and design clients, and he's developed a preference for a loft-style condo that's sleek and modern. He also wants a private master suite so he doesn't have to share a bathroom if he decides to get a roommate in the future.

  • A couple are on the hunt for a new home in Grand Prairie, Texas. She's looking for a stately two-story home that tells the world they've arrived, but he's looking for a comfy one-story home with lots of land.

  • A Boston couple clashes over the style of home they're looking to buy. She wants a grand Cape Cod with an open layout, luxury kitchen and pool. He wants a quaint Colonial packed with historic charm -- and a lower price tag.

  • Newlyweds are on the hunt for their first home in Indianapolis, but they have different ideas of what they're looking for. She has her eye on a midcentury modern design. He's dreaming of a classic Tudor with plenty of peaked angles, and given cold Indiana winters, a home without a wood-burning fireplace may be the ultimate dealbreaker for him.

  • A 24-year-old is anxious to move out of his parents' home and into his first residence in San Diego. The trouble is that he gets more than he asked for when he takes his mom along on his house hunt to give a second opinion.

  • A family of four wants to lay down roots in the tranquil town of Saratoga Springs in upstate New York. She wants a Colonial or Cape Cod-style home nestled in a family-friendly neighborhood, but he wants a farmhouse with lots of land and access to a lake.

  • A Los Angeles-loving buyer is looking for a vintage charmer in one of the city's historic neighborhoods. Will her $500,000 budget stretch as far as she thinks?

  • High school sweethearts are searching for their first home in Tampa, FL. While they're seeking for the perfect place to settle down, they're also hoping to locate a home that can give them ample space to operate their coffee distributorship.

  • A couple in Tulsa are hoping to buy their first home but they disagree on everything.

  • Partners are on the search for their first home home together in Northampton, Massachusetts. One of them is looking for a contemporary home with a "wow" factor, while the other is more interested in a traditional American home like the ones he saw on TV while growing up in Brazil. They also have differing opinions on basements. Can they find a home that's both impressive and traditionally cozy?

  • New parents return to her hometown to look for their first home; she's up for projects, but he wants a place that's move-in ready and has a pool.

  • A child psychiatrist and his wife are looking to buy a home in Bangor, ME, and are bringing along a quirky wish list. She doesn't want any carpet in the house and insists they find something with a screened-in porch for their cat. While he thinks that's strange, his requirement is that the house doesn't have a staircase near the front entryway because it would make him feel claustrophobic. Will Bangor be able to provide the couple with a house that satisfies their unique needs?

  • Married actuaries seek a low-risk home with water views, but she hopes for a quaint cottage with beach-side living, and he wants a Spanish-style house which includes a media room.

  • A single woman looks for a house in College Station, PA. She hopes to find a single family home with a yard and no shared walls, but her pal believes she'll be better off in a low-maintenance townhouse.

  • A St. Petersburg, FL, couple is trading in their townhouse for a new home and can't seem to agree on style or location. While he's hoping to find a Colonial style home near the downtown area, she's looking for a contemporary style place in the surrounding area. St. Petersburg offers many options -- will the couple be able to meet in the middle?

  • Michael and Bryan are first-time home buyers looking to settle down in Baltimore. While they're both set on finding a home in the historic city, the two disagree on style and location. The couple debates the pros and cons of living downtown versus the surrounding area as well as the benefits of living in a vintage home versus a modern one. Will they be able to find a compromise?

  • Newlywed physicians search for a million dollar home in Oklahoma City. He's hoping for a house with big columns and a superior exterior, while she'd like a home with more of a cozy Cape Cod sense.

  • Jamie and Evan are moving from San Diego to Kansas City, Missouri, and are searching for a house. They want a big home in the suburbs in an area that has a community pool.

  • After 10 years in the Las Vegas suburbs, a family with four kids has decided they want a more rural setting. They're on the hunt for a half-acre of property where they can have horses, chickens and a large garden. Will they be able to find the perfect rural area so close to the big city?

  • Newlyweds in Columbus, Ohio, are on the hunt for a home. She wants contemporary and move-in ready with a formal dining room, but he prefers a vintage house and thinks dining rooms are a waste of space.

  • Retiring buyers are looking for a modern home that's big on the "wow'' factor and includes a pool and a spacious, open floor plan with tall windows for grand views.

  • A soon-to-be married couple with a celebrity feline wants their first home, but she is looking for a hip downtown loft-style condo while he desires the coziness of a single-family house.

  • A couple searches for a home in Georgia before their upcoming nuptials, but he hopes for a split-level ranch with possibilities for projects, while she hopes for a move-in-ready Craftsman.

  • A single lawyer wants to upgrade from a townhouse to a single-family house in Dallas, hopefully one with ample square footage, a pool, a bar and a game room.

  • A couple and their two small kids move to Philadelphia and need to buy a home. She wants one level with a bonus room for her photography business, but he would prefer a two-story Colonial or Cape Cod with a big yard. Will they be able to reach a compromise?

  • New parents are seeking a home in Nashville, Tennessee. But while he wants space for his drums, she's looking for something that will accommodate in-laws visiting their infant grandaughter.

  • A former minor league baseball star wants to upgrade his athletic family from a starter house to a large log cabin with a yard with enough room for a batting cage and pitching mound in El Dorado Hills, Cal.

  • An engaged couple debates whether to buy an industrial loft or a vintage condo in Chicago. He needs a big kitchen since he has every cooking gadget known to man, and she needs a deck that's big enough to hang her hammock.

  • For these avid weightlifters, the size of the house they want to buy in Eugene, Oregon, is at the top of their list, including a kitchen they won't bump booties in. But when one wants an older vintage house and the other yearns for a new build, a real estate wrestling match may be at hand.

  • A young couple has outgrown their small house and wants more land to expand their hobby farm. She wants a Colonial-style home on 5 acres, but he wants a farmhouse with a barn and outbuildings on as many as 50 acres.

  • Tim and Reuben search for a part-time home in Manhattan; in this super-pricey market a $1.5 million budget means compromising on style, size and outdoor area.

  • A newly married pair from Columbus, Indiana, look for a first house that's big enough inside for them to begin their family.

  • A young woman looks to buy her first home in Boston's North Shore area. She wants something chic and sexy with a major wow factor.

  • A couple can't agree on a style of home to look for; he wants a Spanish-inspired house; she seeks a house with a funky vibe.

  • Even with $3 million to spend, an Indiana couple's dream of buying a vacation home in sunny Key West, FL, is complicated. He wants a historic century-old home, but she wants a brand new contemporary house. Will they find a compromise and land a beautiful island home?

  • An airline pilot and his spouse want to purchase a home with more room in Atlanta. He'd love a single-family house in a more rural area near the airport, while she's wishing for a townhome with more space near downtown.

  • A local entertaining power pair look for a family-friendly house in Columbus, Ohio. It must include a separate, defined entryway for him and a large basement for her where she can put on dance classes.

  • A couple is on the hunt for a house in Charlotte, North Carolina. But while she wants something with local vintage character, he prefers modern.

  • A music teacher/DJ is looking for his first home in South Amboy, NJ. His top priority is to find a house with a lot of unique features that tell a story, but since his girlfriend plans to move in with him, her wish list may just rewrite the story's ending.

  • A young couple is hunting for a home in Gainesville, FL. One thing they can agree on is they both want a luxurious bubble bath to share, but he's focused on having enough space for archery in the backyard while she is looking for a plantation-style home. Will these love birds be able to find a home that meets their needs?

  • Ready to buy their first home, a Salt Lake City couple tries to get on the same page. He wants the ease and lack of maintenance that a townhouse provides, but she wants the cozy charm of a single-family home.

  • A couple seeks for a home in Charlotte, N.C.; she wants something with local vintage charm; he prefers modern.

  • A lady searches for a home in Louisville, Ky.; her son joins the quest to find her a house with a front porch.

  • A West Virginia couple have differing opinions in houses; he hopes for a turn-of-the-century charmer in the city; she wants something more rural.

  • A historic architecture preservationist looks for a charming row house in Philadelphia and brings her mom along for the hunt; she wants an older home in the city with lots of historical details and minimal renovation needs.

  • A Chicago couple want to find their first home; she wants a loft with exposed beams, brick and ducts; he wants a single-family home with a backyard.

  • A couple seek a permanent home in Chico, Calif.; he wants a two-story house with a pool; she throws a veto in his direction.

  • A young family of four seeks a new house with ample acreage and room to play in the White Bear Lake area of Minnesota.

  • A couple argue Craftsman versus ranch while purchasing their first home in Portland, Ore.

  • A couple seek their first home in Daytona, Fla.; he's willing to spend for a new house; she doesn't mind a fixer-upper which needs some love.

  • New parents seek home for their family in the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri.

  • A real estate agent helps his friends find a home; however, the couple has differences in opinion and he may need to act as a referee between his friends.

  • A married couple is ready to take the plunge into home ownership. He likes modern style and wants a high-rise condo with a view. She's an artist and needs a space that will inspire her, so she's looking for a historic bungalow.

  • An expectant couple disagrees on how much renovation is okay as they look for a new home in Nashville.

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