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Intervention is a television reality show that chronicles the life of a drug addict or alcoholic. The family of the drug or alcohol abuser enlists the help of the Intervention staff which includes a licensed and experienced counselor to confront the addict. In 2009, Intervention won an Emmy for Outstanding Reality Program.

Intervention shows the addict in happier times, talks with the family, and has them recall those happier times and memories then asks the addict how they fell into addiction. The addict has no idea that the show is there for an intervention at the request of the family. The addict is often told that it is only a documentary about addiction or alcohol abuse. The cameras will follow them while they go about their drug or alcohol-filled day. It often shows how the addict gets money and then buys drugs, and it will show the alcoholic hiding and drinking around family or friends.

The family will then get the addict alone with the counselor and the intervention begins. Part of the intervention process is the family telling the addict in letters that are read out loud, how the family feels and how the addict has affected them, and at the end of the process, they are given a choice. They can either go into treatment or be isolated from family and friends. This ultimatum is the heart of the intervention process. If the addict goes into treatment, the family will often go into their own type of counseling or treatment as well.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on A&E
19 Seasons, 272 Episodes
March 6, 2005
Documentary & Biography, Reality
Cast: Candy Finnigan, Mark Behar, Jeff VanVonderen, Ken Seeley
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  • Ashley was a child prodigy on the TaeKwonDo octagon, headed for international competition had she stayed the course. But when the haunting memory of childhood molestation caused her to turn to the numbing effects of drugs at the age of 15, her athletic career was pinned to the mat. Now 21, Ashley is deeply addicted to crack cocaine and IV opioids. As she and her girlfriend are evicted from their apartment for their disruptive fights, excessive drug use and partying, her family fears that, without an intervention, Ashley will disappear into the streets forever.

  • With the birth of her two daughters, Samantha gave up using crystal meth and heroin. But when she began consorting with figures from her druggy past, she fell back into addiction and soon lost custody of her children. Samantha's family are desperate to help her be the good mother she once was, but now she is addicted to fentanyl and her very life hangs in the balance.

  • The only child of a single mother and world-class fiddle player, Alex was surrounded by music from birth. His mother married when Alex was five, but after a few years the marriage deteriorated and life became difficult at home. Friction with his stepfather left Alex increasingly isolated and he turned to the fiddle to try and gain acceptance. Alex’s skill developed and he had some early recognition, but living in his mother’s musical shadow was difficult and he began to compensate with alcohol as a young teenager. Just as Alex was beginning his professional career, his mother and stepfather divorced. The combination of his family’s dysfunction and life spent on the road soon turned his fondness for drink into a debilitating, fall-down addiction. Now in his mid-twenties, Alex’s career is at a standstill and his health is rapidly deteriorating. Without an intervention, he could lose his career, his family and his life.

  • Clint, 36, was raised in a tight-knit, middle-class family. His parents expected success for their four children who were all precocious and engaged in school. But in high school, when his siblings had gone off to college, Clint fell in with the wrong crowd and began to struggle. The only graduation he would see was to a life controlled by crystal meth and opioids. At a loss as to where it all went wrong, Clint's parents have seen their son's excesses progress to crazy and dangerous levels. Without an intervention, they know he will die.

  • A successful businessman who underwent back surgery develops a life-threatening addiction to pain pills and hand sanitizer.

  • A woman lives a dream life as an assistant to rap icon Snoop Dogg until the brutal murder of her fiance sends her spiraling into heroin addiction.

  • A bright college student with dreams of becoming a journalist is abducted and brutally assaulted, causing her to become dependent on a dangerous mix of drugs to mask the trauma.

  • Robert and his two sisters were inseparable until they were put into foster care after their mother turned to drugs and prostitution. He escaped and sadly has followed in his mother's footsteps.

  • Todd was a successful house flipper from a well known real estate family that lost it all in the 2009 housing market collapse. After experiencing two severe construction accidents, he became addicted to painkillers and meth.

  • In three years, Diana's alcoholism has become so severe she has been diagnosed with Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome, an alcohol-related brain disorder. Recently she was hospitalized because of temporary paralysis and had to get a feeding tube - which she poured vodka into! If Diana doesn't get help now, she won't live to her 30th party.

  • Jasmine was extremely close to her grandparents, Reg and Pauline, so when Pauline suddenly passed away, Jasmine couldn't cope and turned to opioids to erase the pain.

  • Five years ago Robby came out to his wife of twenty-nine years and two sons as transgender, completely rocking their world and his own. Already a heavy drinker, Robby's drinking intensified and now is a blackout drunk.

  • A bodybuilder's use of steroids leads him on the path to the use of heavy drugs. He becomes bankrupt, delusional, and in imminent danger of losing his family.

  • Kristie had everything going for her, but her childhood disorder of OCD spiraled out of control which ultimately lead to addiction of a mix of drugs and huffing.

  • Jordan was a handsome, talented musician with a promising career, but an addiction to crystal meth thrust him into a life of crime, prostitution, and addiction.

  • Tiffany was on her way to becoming a successful graphic designer, but severe complications from the birth of her first child led to an addiction to prescribed pain pills. Then post-partum depression in succeeding pregnancies resulted in an opiate addiction. Today she is a heroin addict and and her second marriage is in jeopardy.

  • A wealthy entrepreneur loses everything to crack, reducing her life to a never ending cycle of prostitution and begging.

  • Katie was a beautiful and successful mortgage broker and drug & alcohol counselor who found happiness in being a mother to her two kids. But a devastating breakup resulted sent her on a downward spiral of heroin and meth addiction.

  • A young mother’s eating disorder has been a life-long affliction, now compounded by drug and sex addiction–but to get rid of all of her demons she’ll have to eliminate more than just her food.

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