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The Murdoch mysteries is a unique Canadian detective drama is set in Toronto, Ontario. In the 1890s and centers on a police detective named William Murdoch who is portrayed by Yannick Bisson (nothing too good for a cowboy). What makes this particular detective drama so unique and intriguing is not just the setting but also detective Murdoch himself Detective Murdoch is very scientifically minded and is always looking at the scene of the crime with an entirely unique perspective that often rubs his superiors and fellow police constables the wrong way. He places great emphasis on scientific procedures such as finger marks (fingerprints) or forensic analysis, which he gets assistance with from the help of Dr. Julia Ogden (Helene Joy), who is also very scientifically minded, as well as progressive Detective Murdoch also has a partner in Constable Crabtree (Jonny Harris), who is detective Murdoch's prot

Acorn Media
10 Seasons, 193 Episodes
January 24, 2008
Cast: Yannick Bisson, Helene Joy, Jonny Harris, Thomas Craig
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Murdoch Mysteries Full Episode Guide

  • When a burlesque dancer asks Murdoch for help, the Station House No. 4 team find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy and unforeseen danger.

  • Murdoch's investigation into the death of a roller-skating champion takes him into a world of aggressive and ruthlessly competitive young women.

  • The discovery of a young girl's body and some grotesque sketches leads Murdoch to suspect a gang of death-obsessed teenagers - which includes a young H.P. Lovecraft.

  • An explosion involving the mysterious woman Watts has been investigating leads Murdoch to a surreptitious community.

  • Murdoch creates a mysterious tonic that restores youthful vitality, but his pursuit of a partnership alarms Crabtree.

  • When Murdoch and Ogden use their riverside property as a burial ground to study human decomposition, they dig up more than they imagined

  • Twenty years after a child was kidnapped, Murdoch investigates the identity of a man now claiming to be the wealthy heir.

  • While investigating the death of a championship show dog, Murdoch discovers a hidden affection for canine companions.

  • Murdoch and Ogden contend with a killer who claims he's possessed by the devil.

  • Murdoch strives to apprehend a lecherous costumed criminal known as The Lurker, whose amorous encounters have escalated to murder.

  • To catch a killer, Murdoch and Crabtree pretend a murdered witness is still alive. 

  • Murdoch suspects a connection between dead men found with lipstick smudges on their faces and Crabtree€™s burlesque dancer sweetheart. 

  • As Murdoch investigates the strange death of a footballer, Brackenreid gets caught up in the team€™s run for the Olympics

  • Murdoch and Ogden investigate the poisoning of a philandering businessman; Rebecca James has suspicions about a fellow medical student€™s suicide. 

  • When a murder case is reopened, Murdoch and Ogden must confront the possibility that they sent the wrong man to prison. 

  • After Murdoch discovers his childhood friend turned private investigator, Freddie Pink, might be implicated in a murder, he enlists his latest invention to find the truth. 

  • Behind the scenes of "A Merry Murdoch Christmas"

  • Murdoch suspects that rivals for a wealthy bachelor€™s affections may be responsible for a debutante€™s murder. 

  • It's four days 'til Christmas, & with no snow on the streets of Toronto, spirits are low until two bombastic businessmen barge into Station House No. 4 with a far-fetched story about a train robbery.

  • At a Christmas charity gala for sick children, the host, dressed as Santa Claus, is found with a broken neck and all the presents are stolen. When witnesses report hearing a wild animal near the scene, Crabtree suspects the legendary creature Krampus.

  • Ogden is shot and Murdoch is abducted by an old enemy.

  • A man is murdered during a performance at the Star Room, an infamous burlesque club, Murdoch, Ogden and Brackenreid discover that Crabtree was in attendance at the time. He becomes involved with one of the performers while Murdoch and Inspector Brackenreid travel to Buffalo to discover the identity of the victim.

  • When a pawnbroker and known fence admits to making payments to Station House Number 5, Murdoch and Brackenreid feel that they can finally start building a case against Chief Constable Davis. Meanwhile, Rebecca has doubts about becoming a doctor after a man dies in her care.

  • A murder at the city workhouse derails Murdoch�۪s plan to attend a psychiatry conference with Julia. The victim was found in a bath with his throat slit and a code written on his hand, but the other workhouse residents refuse to talk to the police.

  • A prominent abolitionist is murdered minutes after giving an impassioned speech at Rebecca�۪s church. Parishioners describe a mysterious veiled woman who left before the service ended. Racial tensions and threats from the chief constable pressure Murdoch to resolve the case quickly.

  • The deadly electrocution of a groom on his wedding day leads Murdoch to suspect the bride, whose four previous husbands died under suspicious circumstances. Crabtree teaches a writing class and meets Anne of Green Gables author Lucy Maud Montgomery.

  • When a golfer searching for his lost ball in the woods disappears, Murdoch and Crabtree find the man dead and buried in quicksand. Murdoch starts playing golf to gain insight into the investigation, and he quickly becomes hooked.

  • At an arctic exhibition in Toronto, a renowned sea captain fundraising for his expedition to the North Pole is accused of murdering a crew member. As Murdoch investigates the claim, he and Julia struggle to adapt to their new life as parents.

  • While visiting the bank to apply for a loan on a special mother-and-baby-promotion day, Murdoch finds himself in the midst of a robbery. Meanwhile, Brackenreid plots a way to ���watch�۝ his favorite football team play in England.

  • When a man is shot dead, Murdoch�۪s childhood friend Freddie Pink, who was also shot at, warns Murdoch that someone may be targeting recipients of the Young Scholars Prize. Murdoch and Freddie connect the shootings to a murder they investigated together as children at a wilderness camp in 1875.

  • As Toronto debates a new temperance measure to curb liquor sales in the Junction neighborhood, a councilman opposed to the legislation dies in the cells following a bar brawl. Margaret prepares for a celebrity houseguest: radical temperance advocate Carrie Nation.

  • The Canadian prime minister and national security agent Terrence Meyers enlist Murdoch�۪s help with an extortion crisis. They have 24 hours to stop the detonation of a rogue weapon that could spark a war between Canada and the United States.

  • The macabre discovery of nude statues made from the bodies of murdered women leads Murdoch to suspect a sequential killer who knew the victims. The bodies had been coated in copper, pointing Murdoch and Brackenreid to an electroplating company in Toronto.

  • As Emily and Lillian prepare to set sail for England, a shocking corpse turns up on Emily�۪s last day as city coroner. Murdoch takes over the case, which includes a missing private investigator, secret safety deposit box, and assumed identities.

  • During a controversial speaking engagement at the prestigious Empire Club, someone shoots at American humorist Mark Twain. Murdoch suspects the club members, who resent Twain�۪s anti-imperialist views. Brackenreid, a candidate for club membership, feels pressured to send Twain back to America.

  • Crabtree is in prison for the murder of Archibald Brooks. When an inmate claiming to know something about Edna Brooks is killed, Crabtree worries that she may be in danger. Murdoch looks into a break-in at her house that may have been perpetrated by Edna herself.

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